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Uncute: Bravo's Married to Medicine Fight! A Black Eye Event

I was watching Married to Medicine on Bravo, and the last episode done made me all types of mad.  I figured it was a perfect reason to introduce an uncute segment on this blog about cute things.

screenshot of video
 Have we all seen the fight yet?  If not, here are some YouTube clips of the madness.


What pissed me off the most in this episode happened at the very end.  Kari is a disgusting excuse for a "friend"!  Didn't Mariah and Kari just have a convo last episode saying (in my own words) how they are such old friends, they shouldn't let petty things (like Kari unnecessarily hating Quad) come between them.  But where was Mariah's great friend Kari when she was in a fight and could have been injured?  Her mom and sister and best friend Quad were all right there defending her and making sure she was ok.  Good friend Kari was in the house calling the cops on Mariah and letting Toya help herself to whatever she needed to clean herself up.  Kari, who is now devastated at the embarrassment of this happening at her house (and nothing else, no concern that everyone is ok or anything like that) should be helping them both or calling the cops on them both, to keep it fair.  Better yet, if Kari and Mariah are old friends, she should be helping her friend, and calling cops on Toya!  Kari is soooo fake and disgusting and that makes me more mad than anything in this episode.  She and Toya simply sit around looking down on others and talk about what is acceptable and classy, and what is not.

My first uncute award goes to Kari for being a fake a$$ friend with fake a$$ lips and fake a$$ tears pouring out of her eyes.

But Kari's just the MOST uncute thing in this episode, there's more uncuteness involved.  The fight itself was soo uncute it's not even funny.  I watch a lot of these reality shows that involve fighting, so you would think that I'd be used to it or have seen it all, but no.  This fight seems even crazier than fights on real housewives of Atlanta, and even the bad girls club on Oxygen!  It just came out of nowhere and was so unnecessary.  And it was ALL TOYA'S FAULT!

I keep reading different blogs and things that try to blame this fight on Mariah.  People are trying to say that she's just trying to make Toya look bad since Mariah is an executive producer on the show.  Whether or not Toya ever actually was gossiping about Mariah's adopted child is really irrelevant to the fight.  Clearly the fight was about Toya's issues with Mariah's mom.  Toya went around gossiping to everyone who would listen at the party, about how rude Mariah's mom was to her (after she said somethings and did actually have a rude attitude towards her).  Oh well Toya, just stay away from her and get over it! (is what I would have told her).

Toya eventually ran out of people to talk to about the situation so she decides to go interrupt (uncute) Mariah's convo with her party guests, and tell Mariah how rude her mom was to her, while touching Mariah's hair.  Are you freakin serious?  This is not the time or place.  What do you expect Mariah to do?  Put her mom in time out?  Wash her mouth out with soap?  She is the child, she can't control her mom!  If her mom don't like you (for good reason) then her mom don't like you.  She don't need to hear about it, especially at a party, especially since she was already extra late to the party and needed to tend to her guests.

So Toya wants to talk about Mariah's mom and Mariah says, we ain't gonna talk about no Mamas.  Which is funny, because earlier, when Mariah arrived 2 hours late, Toya  kept saying how late Mariah was (to Mariah, Quad, and anyone else who would listen). So Mariah brought up that Toya's husband was even later, to which Toya said, oh no we're not gonna talk about husbands.  So Mariah let it go.  Toya keeps on trying to discuss Mariah's mom, Mariah keeps saying no, then fixes Toya's hair (which actually needed fixin).  Uhoh!  Now Toya gets mad and goes off because Mariah is touching her, Toya throws her drink on Mariah and starts the fight!  The second most uncute award goes to Toya!  For being a hot gossiping mess who starts a fight over being mad at what someone's Mama said.

Many people are blaming Mariah for this fight being that she was mad at Toya for talking about her kid, but really it was Toya who was mad about Mariah's mom (who doesn't like Toya) and Toya who threw the first punch.  It was also Toya who touched the first hair (which Mariah did not throw a fit about).  Toya really needs to learn to do unto others, first and foremost.  When she didn't want to talk about her husband, Mariah stopped, but Toya didn't stop talking about Mariah's Mama when Mariah wanted to stop.  And when Toya touched Mariah's hair, Mariah let it go, but as soon as Mariah touches Toya's hair, she starts a fight!  You have to be fair, you can do/say what you want to people and everyone should allow it and accept it, but when they do something to you, you're allowed to attack.

So they're fighting and Quad notices that its Mariah in the fight and is all, Oh no ma'am, that's my best friend!  And she tries to break them up and get Toya off Mariah.  Now Quad is a real friend, she didn't think twice about going to help Mariah.  Mariah's sister and mother also went over to help, Mom's help being to pop Toya in the head with her purse. LMAO!!!! Mama Mariah is so funny, that's what Toya gets for starting stuff.  Kari of course is hidden away somewhere, wouldn't wanna get hit and bust open fresh plastic surgery incisions. SMDH!  But who needs a Kari when you got a Quad?  Most cute award goes to Quad!  For being a true friend, on your side no matter what.  Not afraid to jump in a fight even in a fantabulously gorg ball gown!

During the fight all you hear is, they are messing up this poor woman's house, from Dr. Simone.  Which is true, but really?  You see two girls fighting and that's what you think of to say?  Bring up that they're messing stuff up, forget about that they're messing themselves up and need to stop fighting, nope, they just need to stop breaking stuff.  Earlier in the evening, Dr. Simone was all to happy to point out how late Mariah was to all of the guests, and telling them that they should confront her about it when she gets there.  For those unnecessary instigator type comments, Dr. Simone gets the last uncute award.  Dr. Simone, we all know Mariah's late!  You don't have to keep trying to remind us and get us all riled up about it!

This was such a hot mess of a party.  First the co-host is 2 hours late, then the co-host is involved in a fight.  But, it seems clear that it was all Toya's fault although Mariah's getting all of the blame.  Some say that people are on team Toya because she doesn't move her neck when she talks (i.e. have big personalities) like Mariah and Quad does.  People's personality should not matter, facts should (as far as we can see being onlookers).  And the episodes show Toya being a gossipy person who likes to bring up inappropriate topics at large gatherings.

PHEW (deep breath). I just needed to point out how uncute this episode was, and the reasons why.  There's more info on the show, and even cast blogs on the Bravo site.  Here's a YouTube video I found of the full episode.  Watch and let me know what you think.

To recap:

Uncute Award 1:  Kari - the fakest friend (and person) in town (or on the show).

Uncute Award 1:  Toya -  for being gossipy, and starting fights.

Uncute Award 1:  Simone - for trying to instigate small drama.

CUTE Award:   Quad - by her friend's side in any event, and best dressed!
*I could not find any good dress pics of Quad, so I took screen shots on my phone from the episode and made a collage using an app (so excuse the blur as they were moving videos that I took a pic of). 

The bottom of the dress (largest pic, on the bottom) is the best part!  It's a sparkly sequin type of dress with varying shades of gray/silver to make a star burst like effect, and the sequins lessen at the bottom to give an ombre or gradient type of effect with the sheer white material.  I love it!

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