Wednesday, March 20, 2013

8 ways to wear a flannel shirt (comfy and cute)! Pt 2

Here's part 2 of my post;  8 ways to wear a flannel shirt (comfy and cute)!  Remember, you can wear your flannel over any type of clothes you want (dress/skirt/pants/shorts) and these looks will work.  Part 1 was all fully buttoned up looks.  Now, lets get unbuttoned...


Unbutton the shirt and wear it like a jacket.

Add a belt to your high waist with the shirt unbuttoned (looks good when fully or partially buttoned too).

 Tie the opened flannel at the low waist.

Or tie it at your high waist.

I thought I was done but at the last minute I came up with this way to wear a flannel.  It's tied up in the back and looks like a shrug!  *End pics show how...

Wear it unbuttoned.

Button one shrug button, second from the top.

Or button two buttons if you want.

I especially love the look of this flannel turned shrug with the topmost button buttoned.  It's like a choker!  

It would look cute with an actual choker or short necklace around the collar.  A tie, bow or collar tips would also look super cute especially with the last look.

This is how I knotted the back of the flannel so that it looked like a fitted shrug in front.

Then I thought to tuck the knot under up into the shirt for a more seem-less look. 

I love the shrug look!  Never thought a flannel could go from lumberjack to cutesy :-D

That's it!  Actually these part 2 looks are pretty spring friendly in my opinion, so  maybe it's not that bad that it took me so long to post this look-book-type-thing :-]

*Note:  I realize you can also wear a flannel under things, like a blazer, sweater, vest, or possibly a dress.  My goal in this post was to have the flannel be the star piece, not be hidden underneath something else.  

**It is also possible to wear this flannel and other button ups as a skirt, I haven't mastered how to do this yet but Youtuber lx3lally has.  I just watched her video DIY: Long Sleeve Shirts into Skirts (No Sewing) again and she makes it look so easy!  I'm going to try it again.  Here she is (below) in the shirt turned skirt.

So imagine the flannel as this skirt.

8 ways to wear a flannel shirt (comfy and cute)! Pt 1

JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING!!! Yes, I really took this long to post this winter look-book-type-thing, but it's OK since on this first day of spring it's only in the 30's here.

*Note*  I was going to post all of the ways I came up with to wear a flannel shirt in 1 post, but I realized there would be way too many pictures involved.  So I decided to split it up into two posts. See part 2 here.

IDK (I don't know) where I've been but I'm just realizing the fashion and warmth value of flannel shirts, particularly men's flannel shirts.  To me, they're a great sweater alternative that keeps you just as warm but can be worn many more different ways since they can open and close, and are collared like a dress shirt.

I first noticed flannels on sale in the men's section at Kmart (a few months ago) and thought, hey, these are cute plaid prints, I bet I can make these over-sized men's shirts look girly and fashionable, instead of baggy and lumberjack-y.  So I bought a bunch of men's (and boy's) flannel shirts in small and mediums (boys xl) from Kmart and JCPennys and tried.

In the next two blog posts, I'll show the different ways I thought of to wear a flannel, so that you will be warm, yet look cute!


Untucked and belted at the low waste, I scrunched up the shirt a bit so that it would look less stiff.

Plain ole untucked is cute and super comfy.

Add a scarf for interest.  I'm wearing a bulky winter scarf, but thinner scarves or pashminas would look even better.

Tie the scarf weirdly for even more unique-ness. (again, I am aware of the fact that this is a chunky knitted scarf, but I have no thin scarves that match this outfit.)

Tuck in the flannel.

Tuck in the front part only, leave the back out for a high-low effect.

Side view of the high-low flannel look.

The flannel for these looks is from either Kmart or jcpenney (I got about 10 total from both places) for about $10 each (on sale and/or using coupons).  Just checked both sites and their flannels are now on clearance (being that it's now spring).

I chose to wear my flannel with a mini skirt, but these looks would look just as good over a dress, or pants, or shorts.

The skirt is a stretchy denim type that was with the legging/jeggings at Burlington coat factory for $5.  The black winter scarf was also from Burlington and was about $10.  The black shirt underneath is long sleeved and from Macy's (forgot the price but was cheap of course).  Tights and belt were on clearance at rue21 or somewhere similar, for $5 or less (my accessories are generally $5 or less).  Black buckled combat-ish boots are from  Gold and black robot earrings were $1.50 from forever21!

Read 8 ways to wear a flannel shirt (comfy and cute)! Pt 2, for even cuter and more interesting looks!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

OOTD red tweedy

Red tweedy jacket with gold thread throughout for sparkle (forever 21) on top of a multi-colored dressy shirt (macy's).  Beige jeggings from and brown faux suede wedge boots with gold grommets for side lace from (I think).  Went for a business casual look.  Was my first time wearing the boots (although they're like 2 years old, smh) and boy was that a bad idea!  My walk to class had my feet burning so bad I was seriously ready to walk barefoot in 20 degree winter weather.  Note to self; don't be lazy and say no to carrying extra shoes for walking, don't ever think you can walk in heels, you can't!  you will feel like you're being stabbed with every step! you will seriously consider taking a sit down in the middle of the sidewalk to give your feet a break from torture!  They may look like a puny heel, but your feet will feel the pain!!!!!

Back to my outfit, turns out I had an unplanned twin moment with Yaminah!  It was red and tan day for us!  She's wearing a long-sleeved red scoop neck shirt, khaki pants (bootcut) and black sneakers...TWINSSSSSS!!!

Now for the bloopers...

Apparently our camera person thought it was a good idea to snap a pic while we are hideously laughing at something, NOT COOL!!!

Well Yaminah looks great, looking asleep.  Oh well, we're still TWINSSSS!!!