Saturday, January 26, 2013

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tea time! Cute tea set for loose tea!

I recently purchased tea on amazon (ginger mmm) and didn't realize until I recieved it that it was loose tea, not tea bags of tea.  So I went back to amazon to look for tea infusers.  They had these cute cheap wire infusers, a tea ball infuser that was $4,


and a larger heart shaped one that was $6.50 (pictures are from amazon.  So I got these to be used in any cup I have, like a tea bag.   Now that I'm looking at the pictures I think that the heart one (which I haven't used yet) will work better for the tea that I'm drinking, ginger citrus, because it is mesh and the leaves and pieces of my tea are super small and migrate through the holes of the others.  So it's good that I got both mesh and perforated (holey?) kinds.

After a while of tea infuser browsing on Amazon, I noticed mug sets with tops and infuser cups that nest inside.  I came across this cute two piece set (1 for me and 1 for backup) and had to get it.  When I received it, even the package was sooooo cute that I had to blog about it.

The box it comes in itself is super cute print and matches the cups, then it is tied with a bow (cute) and opens like a little cupboard (cute!).

When opened, you see the cute cups nestled cozily inside.

I love the print and how the infusers rest on the top when you're done steeping your tea (so the liquid doesn't get all over the place).

It's all just cute cute cute!  And since this blog is about fashiony whatnots AND cute stuff I wanted to add this load of cuteness.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Missed bus, so...OOTD!!!

Well I missed the bus this morning (due to my freshly trimming my bangs) so since I had extra time I decided to do an outfit of the day for my first day back to work after the holiday vacation!

I was actually excited because it was my first chance to wear my serious snow boots since snow actually stuck and stayed on the ground during the break.

I'm wearing Mudd Jeggings and a black, gray, and pink houndstooth sweater (both from kohls).  Gray and white stripe button up under my sweater, and pewter gray crocs moon boots.  My black necklace around the collar was inspired by UglyFaceOfBeauty because in her Holiday Party Outfits Video she kept wearing a short gold necklace under her collar in all her outfits and it looked so cute that I had to try that necklace-in-place-of-a-bowtie look myself ;-)  I just clasped it around the beads to make it into a choker length (since it wasn't long enough to wrap around my neck twice) and the extra long tail is tucked under my sweater.  The matching earrings I made myself from the beads from a second necklace I bought (I bought 2 since they were only $1 each, so that I'd have matching beads to make earrings and a bracelet if I wanted). 

Cute warm outfit, ready for snowmageddon part 2.

End of year Cosmetics clearance? A haul

So I notice for the past few weeks that a LOT of drug store cosmetics have been going 50% and even 75% off.  Which means...I got a whole new cosmetics collection!!!

I've been to multiple CVS pharmacies, Rite Aid pharmacies, and even Kmart, and noticed that they all have many different cosmetics on clearance, so I stocked up.  I didn't even know that cosmetics had a clearance season but they must because it's no coincidence that they're all going on clearance at the same time at different stores.

I won't go into too much detail about the items because you can basically tell what products I got from the pictures.  Check drugstores in your area to take advantage of this apparent cosmetics clearance season. *Less popular stores will likely have more and/or different items (pending they keep pricing up to date).

Nail treatments and tools

Nail coverings

Sally Hansen nail polish

Name and item number of shades (kinda)

Other Sally Hansen nail polishes

their shades

Other random nail polishes including a magnetic one (i will finally get to try it)

Revlon nail polish

Revlon shades and item numbers

Mascara, interesting nail treatment, and nail tips tape

Foundation and eye pencils

EYESHADOWS!!!! *many different brands

LIPSTICKS/GLOSS!!!! *many different brands

shades (if you look reeeeaaaalllll close)
Now that I know makeup has a clearance season, I'll probably only ever wait until then to buy.  Hooray for cheap makeup!  Let me know if you find some good stuff on clearance X-D