Wednesday, March 26, 2014

10 Cute Everyday Earring Picks Under $20

So, I'm often rushing to get ready in the mornings and don't always have time to think much about accessorizing.  Particularly when it comes to earrings, because I have 6 holes per ear.  Finding 2 matching earrings is hard enough, but try coordinating 12 earrings!  So, usually if I'm in a rush, 10 piercings get neglected and I just look for 1 pair to wear.

Me being a lover of all things different, I have tons of earrings, but most of them are so unique that they don't match everything.  Therefore they require planning, and so are NOT quick "go to" earrings.  So I wanted to find some cute unique types of earrings that can be "go to" earrings.  Something other than your simple diamond stud, gold ball, or basic hoop earring.  For days when you want to accessorize, but don't have time to think about if  they match your outfit or the other earrings in your ear.  

La Preciosa High-polish Stainless Steel Saddleback Hoop Earrings

Cute floral type hoops, La Preciosa Stainless Steel, from Overstock, $11.89.

Blue swirl glass drop earring from Kohls, $8.  This color should go with everything because it's a neutral kind of tone, like blue jeans.

Or wear all of the colors together like with this glass cluster drop earring, $10 from Kohls.  One of the colors is bound to match whatever you are wearing that day.

Half a Nice Day Earrings - Blue, Cream, Polka Dots, Casual, Good, Blue, Exclusives

Polka Dot Gold and Black button Half A Nice Day earrings from ModCloth, $12.99

Stainless Steel Rose Gold-plated Bow Post Earrings

Super cute Rose gold over stainless steel bow post earrings from Overstock, $16.99.$GridImage$

Awesome front and back pave crystal ball earrings, $7.50 from Claires.

18k gold plated pink heart earrings, $19.99 from The Sterling Star.

Locket and Key Earrings - Solid, Gold, Vintage Inspired, Top Rated

Cool Locket and Key Stud Earrings from Modcloth, $9.99.

Flower Earrings, White Ruffle Bouquet, Rhinestone and Brass Dangle Earrings, FREE Shipping U.S.

Is this bouquet not just the cutest?  I might have to buy these myself.  They are brass earrings from the seller Just Earrings on Etsy, and are $14 with free shipping!  The good thing about buying from DIYers is that you can often email them and have them make you an item in a specific color or style of your choice (hurray for non mass production).

I think that all of these earrings will look good no matter if you are dressing up or down, wearing bright colors or neutrals.  They are all cuter than your basic earring, yet aren't "loud" or huge to the point that they'd look out of place if you were just wearing jeans and a Tee.

What earrings do you think are uniquely cute and can be worn with any outfit?  If you already have some tweet me a picture 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring 2014 Fashion Trends under $30

Spring is here and as usual, there are some new trends for this 2014 season.  I have a few favorite trends that I am excited to see more of this spring, but I'm on a budget.  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite on trend pieces that I've found for under $30.

Tea Length and Midi Skirts

Black Faux Leather Pleated Midi Skirt $29.90 from Windsor

Blush Back Bow Pencil Skirt 
Back Bow Pencil Skirt $24.90 from Windsor 

Shift Tops

Paloma Boxy Top in Checked Dogtooth at Missguided Us for $26.98

Blouson, $20 at Mango

Ruffle Blouse $29.95 from H&M 

Wide Leg and Palazzo Pants

 Life in Progress Wide Leg Jeans from Forever 21, $24.80

Aztec Girl Palazzo Pants from Go Jane, $27


SO Perforated Metallic Ballet Flats, currently on sale for $17.99 at Kohls

The 90s

My golden childhood years' fashion is back in trend...

Cooperative Heeled Jelly Sandal for $20 at Urban Outfitters 
I totally remember wearing jellys in the '90s.

Mudd Studded High Waist Denim Shortie Shorts from Kohls, on sale for $19.99
Or as we used to call them, daisy dukes.  "Come on baby, get those daisys!  Look at those girls with the daisy dukes on, I want ya too..."

Who remembers this song?  What an amazing hot mess!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spotted; Cute St. Patrick's Day Outfits, #ootd from Twitter Fashionistas

Happy Leprechaun day!  I've always loved St. Patrick's Day since I was a kid because of the obvious reason, Leprechaun movie marathons on TV!  Who's with me?  No one?  Is it just my family who were the weird horror fanatics who got joy out of every occasion that meant an increase in scary movie showings (Halloween, scary movies all month! Friday the 13th, lucky movie night!). 

Anywho, St. Patty's Day is also a day for people to bust out their best green outfits to become the most fashionable leprechaun possible.  I'm pretty sure that is what's written in the history books.  So, I thought I'd highlight some of the cutest #ootd (outfits of the days) that I found on twitter.

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Have a fashionable St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Confessions of a Beauty Addict: Eyeshadow Palettes

I'm having a craving.  I've got tons of eyeshadow palettes, yet every time I see a new pretty one, I want more!  I've been on a neutrals kick lately.  Specifically, I want pretty (not poopy) matte shades of brown that are in my skin tone, slightly lighter, and slighter darker than my skin.  Many palettes have these types of shades for lighter, caucasian skin tones, but I find that the medium brown shades often just blend in to my brown african american skin tone.  They tend to just look dull and powdery, or invisible, not pretty and eye brightening like the beiges tend to do for light people.  I already have a palette like the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette (see my post here, and a makeup look here), I just got a Naked 3 like palette as well as Coastal Scents' Revealed palette too.  Still, palettes like the Lorac pro palette and Nude tude by the balm are really peaking my interest.
Well actually I had already bought cheaper versions of those 2 palettes :-/ (just waiting for them to arrive in the mail) but still, like a true addict I want more!  In order to calm down and refrain from buying, I have started pulling out pieces from my collection of palettes whenever I have a craving, in order to show myself that I already have whatever colors that I want in the palettes that I have.

This time I decided to play around with 3 palettes; Urban Decay Oz Glinda palette, bh cosmetics 26 neutral eyeshadow and blush palette, and Coastal Scents 28 neutral eyeshadow palette, which were each under $20.

I was swatching for my own sake (sanity), so they are not very pretty.  Some of the shades blend in with my skin and therefore aren't very visible.  But I figured I should share my process with the other beauty addicts out there.

The top short row is the Glinda palette, the middle row is the Coastal Scents 28 neutral eyeshadow, and the bottom row is the bh cosmetics 26 neutral eyeshadow and blush palette.

Anyone else have any beauty addictions that they'd like to share, and how they attempt to stop the cravings?

Let me know if you'd like a more detailed review on any of these palettes :-)