Monday, December 30, 2013

Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette Sale!!!

I ordered my first piece of high end makeup!  It's this Glinda palette by Urban Decay!  I'm so excited because although it is a high end product, it is currently half off (which of course is what persuaded me to buy it).  This product was originally $49 and is now only $24.  Awesome!

I had known about this palette since it came out. Xsparkage did an eyeshadow look with this palette that was so pretty.  I recently watched a few more Youtube videos that included this palette, thanks to this new best palettes tag that is going around, and decided to just buy it (since it is half off).  So I can finally try one of these high end eyeshadow palettes that all the beauty gurus talk so much about.  

Glindatutorial 1

Urban Decay has always been a brand that I loved to see in the Ulta catalog.  They always have fun colors and fantastic design and packaging, so it is great that this is the first high end product that I get to try.

Of course, I wanted to get free shipping so I bought a few more clearance palettes in order to make the $50 minimum.  I also got Urban Decay's Feminine and Fun palettes which were originally $36 and now $16 each.

If anyone wants to try high end eyeshadows, Urban Decay has some great options on clearance!  So get on these deals before they sell out. :-)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Deals: After Christmas Sales

Here are some good after Christmas sales that I have found on clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics and more. Some of these sales last til after New Year's Day!

Please excuse the random outbursts of all caps,  this site refused to let me type in lower case at certain points and I don't know why, but the blog must go on before the sales are missed!

Kohl's department store: has everything, they have great sales plus you can use their coupon and get free shipping when you spend over $50, on top of that, you can use your Kohl's cash (if you have some from a previous purchase).
Code - HAPPY for 20% off $100 + purchase, NEWYEAR for 15% off purchase under $100 

Just Fab:  It is my girl Kimora Lee Simmons' shoe club which now is more than just shoes.  They have a jeans sale 3 for $50.  Jeans are regularly $40 each, so that's a great deal.  There are many styles, shades, finishes, and prints.


Lulu's:  cute clothes, shoes, and accessories. free shipping both ways
code - eoty40 for 40% off sale items

code - byexmas for 45% off

amiclubwear:  CUTE CLOTHES, SHOES, AND ACCESSORIES.  Mostly clubwear as the name suggests.
code - shop50 for 50% off

code - boxing50 for 50% off regular price merchandise

dorothy perkins:  classy and unique CLOTHES, SHOES, AND ACCESSORIES.  a favorite of mine, discount codes are few and far between.  
code - xmas15 for 15% off

Urban og:  Another favorite of mine.  CUTE CLOTHES, SHOES, AND ACCESSORIES.
code - xmassale for an extra 50% off clearance purchase over $40

Bamboo Kacy-16 American Flag Buckle Round Toe Bootie  Bamboo Kacy-16 American Flag Buckle Round Toe Bootie  Bamboo Kacy-16 American Flag Buckle Round Toe Bootie
And this cute deal of the day American flag boot is only $20.

Mango:  Nice classy chic clothes etc.  50% off fall/winter collection (which appears to be their whole site).  no coupon required.

QUILTED TOTE BAG  Rhinestone box clutch  Faux leather shopper bag  Chain quilted bag

With bags like this is what made me think, classy.  These are all $39.99 with the 50% off.

shoebuy:  brand name shoes.  free shipping both ways.
code - blowout25 for 25% off

Coastal Scents:  makeup. i love their eyeshadow palettes the best, tons of shades and great color payoff, really cheap prices.  You can even make your own custom palettes!  the site is 40% off!

252 Ultimate Palette26 Shadow Blush PaletteElite Brush Set Black

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gifts for the Fashionista with Everything

Christmas and other gift giving holidays (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc.) are coming soon so I am thinking about what I should get people.  I personally would rather not exchange gifts because I tend to buy everything that I want on my own.  But if someone were to get someone like me a gift, what should it be?  I made a list of gifts to give a shopaholic, or a fashionista with everything.

*Disclaimer:  My reasons for not wanting fashion types of gifts may only apply to me, but the gift ideas would be great for any lover of fashion who is not in need of any more.

I am a fashion collector, not a hoarder, a collector (there's a difference!)!  Which means that I like to have every style and every color of clothes/shoes/accessories.  People who know me can see that I like fashion and might think that more fashionable items are the answer for my gift.  NO!  It is not necessary!  I already have tons of things, and really only I know what additional items I need in order to complete my collection (ex. I don't have nude flats,  I still need a blue peplum top etc).  Therefore only I should buy my clothes in order to avoid getting something similar to what I already have.

I personally am a fan of giving gifts that are useful, so a lot of these ideas are things that would help organize all of the fashionable items the person already has (that they probably haven't thought or got around to buying themselves).

Here are some gift ideas for someone who already has alot of fashionable items.

Joy Mangano 900W Deluxe My Little Steamer with Hook!

Joy Mangano's My little steamer and hook set, $19.95 from HSN
A cute steamer so you can keep all of your cute clothes wrinkle free.  I actually have an old version of this steamer that I bought about 6 years ago, and it still works great!  I love Joy Mangano items.

Closet Doubler

Closet doubler, $7.96 from Walmart
What does a fashion lover with everything need more than anything?  More space!

Honey Can Do 8-Shelf Hanging Vertical Closet Organizer with 2pk Drawers, White/Blue Canvas

Hanging shelf set, $32.97 from Walmart
To utilize hanging space even if you don't use many hangers.

Whitmor Over-the-Door 24 Pocket Shoe Organizer Pink

Pink over the door shoe holder, $12.99 from Target
Doors provide more space, hang shoes there and get a pop of color.

Set of 4 Chrome-Plated Steel Closet Shelf Dividers

Set of 4 shelf dividers, $12.95 from Plowhearth
To keep the closet looking neat, good for sweaters or bags.

Green velour flower scarf hangers, set of two $6.99 from Anna's Linens
Cute scarf organization.

Nail Polish Table Rack Display Counter (Fit up to 60 Bottles)

Nail polish rack $14.99 from Art Fire.
So you can easily see all of your nail colors.


Stick on makeup organizing pods, $9.99 from the container store
You can stick them anywhere.

Style Station Organizer White

Hair tools organizer, $19.99 from the container store
I'm just happy that the wires won't get mixed up and tangled anymore.

Photo collage jewelry storage, $49.99 from Sears
Post cute pictures outside, store cute jewelry inside.

If a crafty fashion collector wants something specific that they can't find, they can make it themselves:

Stone Styler Stud Setting Starter Kit , , hi-resThe Mini Be Dazzler Tool, , hi-res

Bedazzlers and such, about $20,  if you get them at Joann you can use 40% off coupons (they always have).
Add studs where you want them.

Olfa Rotary Cutter Heavy Duty 45mm, , hi-res

Rotary cutter, $21.99 at Joann Fabrics
Make your own cut out T shirt.


Knitting (or crochet) books, amazon usually has the best prices, most under $20
Learn to knit (it's easy thanks to the internet) and make something in the style and color you want.

Hello Kitty Janome Sewing Machine

Hello Kitty (or some other) sewing machine, $119 at Overstock
Get real crazy crafty and start making your own one of a kind fashions.

And then there's always the magazine route (paper or digital copies).  A shopaholic is always looking for more things to buy, so why not buy them a way to stay up to date with fashion trends.  My favorites are Lucky and People Style Watch.

Lucky Magazine    Elle Magazine   Glamour Magazine

Plus there are lots of magazine sales going on now, I recently subscribed to a bunch of magazines for only $4 for the year at Discount Mags!

*Exception:  Of course, if you happen to know a specific item that the person you are getting a gift for wants (ex. those nude flats) then of by all means help them complete their collection.  The above ideas are simply to help gifters avoid getting someone something that they may already have.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Taylor Swift Inspired Looks

Since the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show finally aired last night (I believe it was taped in October), I wanted to make some outfits using the brand's clothing, inspired by the lingerie looks.

Mesh and animal mayhem (is that an ostrich feather boa?).

VS Mesh leopard

Dark angel and minty blue undies.

VS Mint

These two girls look good, but very cold.  Snow and ice, brrrrrrrr  I think they need to cover up.

VS warm and cozy

And for the $10 million bra look...

Nothing!  Because if I paid $10 million for a bra, I'm making sure that EVERYBODY sees it.

Last, since Taylor Swift performed and I always love what she wears (it's oftentimes a sparkly dress) here are my favorite photos of her.  She didn't disappoint. I love Taylor's outfits, and as expected, sparklosity was included!

I love all things that involve the British flag and I don't know why.  It's probably because the colors are the same as the American flag but their's is in the shape of a starburst, so it's fun! The shoes in that outfit are especially gorgeous.

Here are a few other pics from the show that I liked.

I love how they make the lingerie look like outfits and costumes instead of simply a bra and panty set.  Good job as usually Victoria's Secret.

*Pictures of the fashion show are from Victoria Secret and Cbs.