Monday, December 30, 2013

Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette Sale!!!

I ordered my first piece of high end makeup!  It's this Glinda palette by Urban Decay!  I'm so excited because although it is a high end product, it is currently half off (which of course is what persuaded me to buy it).  This product was originally $49 and is now only $24.  Awesome!

I had known about this palette since it came out. Xsparkage did an eyeshadow look with this palette that was so pretty.  I recently watched a few more Youtube videos that included this palette, thanks to this new best palettes tag that is going around, and decided to just buy it (since it is half off).  So I can finally try one of these high end eyeshadow palettes that all the beauty gurus talk so much about.  

Glindatutorial 1

Urban Decay has always been a brand that I loved to see in the Ulta catalog.  They always have fun colors and fantastic design and packaging, so it is great that this is the first high end product that I get to try.

Of course, I wanted to get free shipping so I bought a few more clearance palettes in order to make the $50 minimum.  I also got Urban Decay's Feminine and Fun palettes which were originally $36 and now $16 each.

If anyone wants to try high end eyeshadows, Urban Decay has some great options on clearance!  So get on these deals before they sell out. :-)