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10 Men's Date Looks for Under $150, Gifts for a Man

I was talking to my friend (male) recently and he brought up how my fashion blog doesn't have any useful posts that he could use.  He was right, this blog is very male discriminatory!  I'm totally against discrimination and just so happen to LOVE men's fashion, so I told him that I would definitely make a post that he can use.

I pay a lot more attention I should to the men's section at stores that I shop at, considering I don't usually buy men's clothes for myself, and I don't have a boyfriend to shop for

just kidding, well not really, but I always wanted to say that ever since Ryan Higa's hilarious Forever Alone video, get it?  See Ryan Higa's Youtube video if you don't get the humor, (TEEHEE). yes, I am a girl who loves a nicely dressed man and think I have legit skills that enable me to give men styling tips (although I'm not a professional).  Since I brought up forever alone, my friend just happens to be single and mingle-ing, therefore I am listing looks that will be nice to wear for a man going on a date. Yay!

I know that men's clothing and especially shoes are more expensive than women's, but I'm still me (a major bargain shopper) so I am going to keep these outfits under $150.  For my female readers, in case you are looking for gifts for a man, these are good options.

Men's fashion is pretty simple, there are really only 10 pieces of clothing options involved in a typical male wardrobe, and different varieties of each;
  1. Pants
  2. Shorts
  3. T-Shirt
  4. Polo Shirt
  5. Button Up Shirt
  6. Sweater
  7. Vest
  8. Cardigan
  9. Blazer
  10. Sweats*
This small amount of options makes shopping for items less of a priority, and mixing and matching different pieces together the key (in my opinion).  Not to say that men shouldn't shop, more like you don't really need to shop much once you have a few of each of the key pieces.

Men, you don't have to look like Trey Songz, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, or Jamie Foxx to look good wearing fashionable clothes.

Any woman will confirm that you just need to choose well fitting pieces, learn how to pair them together, and be confident enough to wear bold colors and patterns (men don't have too many options, but you can still be interesting).  No matter your age or body type, good clothes and good confidence make you look good! Am I right ladies?

*Disclaimer: sweats are in no way considered date fashion unless your date involves running a marathon etc.  Never wear them if you are trying to look nice, they're are most useful for;
  • lounging around the house
  • working out
  • doing yard work
  • repelling women
Not even models look good in sweats

OK not exactly true, but it's the model that makes them look good, not the other way around.  These guys would still look even better if they were to put on some real clothes.

Now that that's been said, here are 10 outfits that will look great on any man and attract/impress women for date night.

1. Shawl Neck Sweater Outfit $141.02

Men's Spiderman "Spidey" Crew Socks

A shawl neck sweater classes up any outfit imo, and they are popping up everywhere this winter.  This outfit simply involves pants (not jeans), a shawl sweater, and casual shoes (not sneakers).  The outfit is very neutral so it will be a nice surprise for your date to notice you wearing unexpectedly awesome socks!  
Men wearing cozy sweaters seem to scream "cuddle with me". Or maybe it's all in my head?

2. Cardigan Outfit $141.71

Mr. Rodgers chic (you stylish man you).  I may be biased, but I absolutely love men wearing cardigans.  It might be the layering possibilities or it might be the cozy factor again.  You can wear just about anything underneath a cardigan and it will suddenly look like a nicely put together outfit (similar to with a blazer).  

For a more laid back date look I paired the cardigan with a tee shirt, jeans, and chukka boots.  The jeans and tee say "casual" but the chukkas say "I'm stylish".  

3. Vest and Jeans Outfit $150.78
Tasso Elba Vest, Wool-Blend Herringbone Vest - Men's Vests - Men - Macy's{Son and Heir} Modern Oxford Shirt in Golden Hour. Fit: Slim Fit Fabric: 100% Cotton Cut: Slim Fit Rise:  Color: YellowRoyal Premium Denim Jeans, Straight-Leg Embellished Pocket
Dress down a nice vest for a date occasion.  You don't need to dress all the way up, you just want to look spectacular.  Wear a nice shirt and vest with a nice pair of jeans (not your raggedy wore out everyday pair either).  Add a nice pair of dressy ankle boots, and your look is set.  

A tie or bow can be added if you want, but clearly I ran out of my $150 budget and went 78 cents over. Time for you to start street begging for that extra 78 cents because this outfit is too good to skip.

4. Fun Patterned Blazer Outfit $150.75
ASOS Slim Fit Blazer in Tropical Print
Get automatic cool status when you wear a fun blazer.  Bold patterns or even simply a bright colored blazer instantly sets you apart from the crowd.  The outfit above is a great starter look for those not used to wearing bold clothes.  A patterned blazer that is subtle (no serious color contrasts) with a matching navy Henley shirt underneath, black pants and gorgeous black boots.  The outfit is fun due to the pattern, but not too fun due to the neutral colors.

Uh oh, I went over the budget 75 cents this time, well men, you can always strip for the extra money, because YOU NEED AN OUTFIT LIKE THIS ;-)

5. Fun Patterned Pants Outfit $149.81
John Ashford Long Sleeve Shirt, Interlock Polo Shirt - Polos - Men - Macy'sTallia Orange Pant, Black and Cream Tartan Pant- Slim Fit - Pants - Men - Macy's
She'll be staring at your bottom all night if you wear an outfit like this.  The pants are the center of attention for this look.  Wear a bright and/or bold pattern on bottom and a coordinated solid on top. The key is to keep all the interest in that one area.  Since these pants are a neutral plaid pattern I went for a cool pop of color with the red shoe.  

When men aren't afraid to wear bold fashion items, it tells me that they aren't afraid and are strong. Plus they're probably exciting (no one likes a bore, they're no fun).

6. Sweater and Button Down Outfit $126.58
Image 1 of Solid Sweater With Button Shoulder
A button down underneath a sweater is a classic look for men.  I made it more interesting by pairing a textured bold colored sweater with a complimentary bold colored flannel shirt underneath.  Since both shirts are colorful, I kept it neutral on bottom with tan khakis and tan sneaker/boots.  

The thought put into coordinating the colors will not go unnoticed with an outfit like this.

7. Corduroy Outfit $77.43
Product Detail | H&M US

Cords aren't just for grandpas, nor are they boring.  Pair neutral colored corduroy pants with a cool colorful sweater and coordinating bright sneakers.  This look is really simple, comfortable, and so under budget that the leftovers can pay for the date.  

You definitely won't be confused with Dr. Huxtable in this exciting outfit.

8. Turtleneck Sweater Outfit $129.50
MEN CASHMERE TURTLE NECK SWEATERSlim Fit Soft Canvas Pant | 21 MEN - 2000074461  

Another cozy sweater in a nice blue color, gray pants, and since both are solid colors it is an interesting touch to add patterned shoes that compliment the colors in the outfit.  

I'm telling you, seeing a man in this sweater, I'd have to fight the urge to hug them.  I'm not the only one right?

9. Sweater Vest Outfit $129.98
Dockers® Argyle Sweater Vest - jcpenney
Slim-fit cotton chinos
A chambray shirt and colored pants are a nice look by itself.  Add a sweater vest on top to make the outfit look more handsomely put together, like you put some special thought into it.  Desert boots are a casual yet comfortable shoe that goes well with the look.  

Looking spiffy. 

10. Shirt and Tie Outfit $145.27
Tommy Hilfiger Tie, Slim Buffalo Tartan - Ties & Pocket Squares - Men - Macy'sINC International Concepts Pants, Crocker Slim Pants - Pants - Men - Macy's
A man can never go wrong with slacks, a shirt, and tie.  I always notice a great shirt/tie combo like the one above.  I think it looks really suave and smart.  It truly saddens me when I see a man wearing a nice outfit and crappy shoes, but I think I picked some winners for this outfit.  Actually I am a little bit in love with these shoes (and when I say a little bit, I mean a lotta bit). They are one of the greatest man boots I think I've ever seen, especially for the price!  These kind of dressy casual boots could easily go with jeans, khakis, or dress pants.  

A man in an outfit like this is art, and the fact that it looks really expensive yet is only $145.27 makes it smart.

OK done!  What do you think?  Those are my 10 men's date looks under $150, give or take a dollar (start fishing for couch cushion change if you don't have the extra dollar). 

There are many great, affordable gift ideas for a man.  And men you, have a lot of options for what to wear on your next date.  Have fun!

REMEMBER: No matter what age you are, the key to looking good and "pulling IT off" is...

*Don't forget to Google the store for coupon codes, check the store's site, or sign up your email address with the store for even more discounts (most stores usually have them).  

**The prices listed are what they were when I posted this, if they've changed or sold out don't blame me!  But you can comment to me below and ask me to help find you something similar :-)

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