Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kim Kardashian is Engaged ! Black and White Valentino Look for Less!

O.M.G. X 3! It's finally happened!  Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) are going to get married soon, and he gave her a 15 carat diamond (or some large sized stone on a ring) to prove that he's for real!  I'm not so interested in the engagement, but if you are, E! News did a special on the engagement last night so you can watch the repeat for more details on that. What I like is Kim's Valentino boutique Mikado embroidered dress that retails for $9,900 (according to an E! article).
Kim Kardashian, Valentino
Kim's Valentino Dress
 Here's a YouTube video of Kim in the dress.

The black and white floral/kaleidoscope type print looks cute, so I wanted to find similar looks at a price that normal people can afford.

Image 2 of River Island Mono Print Column Dress

River Island Mono Print Column Dress $44.50

Image 1 of River Island Tie Dye Mirror Print Column Dress

River Island Tie Dye Mirror Print Column Dress $17.80

These two dresses are from Asos, and are very close to Kim's in both style and pattern.  Asos actually has a lot of these fitted type of dresses that are really cute.  There were a lot of clearance dresses too similar to Kim's but you know clearance, they sell out fast so I didn't want to include too many and have people get mad at them being sold out.

QUIZ Flower Print T-Shirt £9.99

Designer black faux leather panelled skirt

Designer black faux leather panelled skirt
STAR by Julien MacDonald Faux Leather Panelled Skirt £40

I found the above top and skirt at a store I've never known about, Debenhams, probably because it's a British Department Store.  So the prices are in British pounds, but they do ship worldwide.  Tuck the T-shirt into the pencil skirt for the extremely fitted look that Kim always goes for.

These are seriously affordable options I found at Forever21.  They also have a ton of fitted Kim K style dresses. Or you can wear the pattern on the bottom with these leggings, I picked a black floral lace dress as the top.

*Tip*  If you don't want to wear full form fitted dresses (because you feel to exposed) throw on a top and only have the bottom part showing (like a skirt) or even put a flared skirt over the dress and have only the top showing (like a shirt).

Daisy Fuentes Floral Tee $13.99

This shirt from Kohls can be styled anyway you feel like wearing it, and is similar to Kim's dress.

Iron Flower Jumpsuit $54.60

If you're daring, you can wear this cute tube top jumpsuit I found at Nasty Gal website. If you get cold easily, a blazer would be a cute layer to add.
Artizara long skirt $34

For those interested in other cultures (like me) I found this cute maxi skirt (excuse the blurry picture) at a cool Eastern fashions store Artizara.  The store also has Islamic traditional Hijabs, formal dresses (bright and colorful) and cool jewelry.

Leave a comment if you find other items that are similar to Kim's Valentino dress!

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