Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cute Laptop Case and Skin Set

Look what I found on eBay while looking for a replacement laptop skin.

Aren't these the cutest laptop bag and skin sets ever?  I want 5 of them but contained myself and only got this one:

There are tons of different eBay sellers who sell these sets, but I found that the cheapest was lcmutual (39481 ) with99.7% Positive feedback, who sells them here for $21.98.  This seller also has the make an offer option, so I was able to negotiate the price down to an even $20.  

The description says that they are for 17.3" laptops, there are other sellers with sets for smaller sized laptops but the last time I got a 15" skin it was too small, and my 15" laptop case just fits the laptop and it's a tight squeeze to try to get the charger in there as well.  So I figured a slightly larger bag won't hurt.

You pick the pattern you like the best and message the seller with your payment which one you want.

Some of my favorite patterns are:

Cheetah print, meow!

Helping hands, how nice.

Cool black, white, and gray graphic.

Newspaper print.

Beautiful red blossom tree.

Oldschool boombox.

A keyboard.

I really <3 get="" hahaha="" it="" one="" p="" this="">

And for the extremely tech savy, the inside of a computer (how awesome!)!

If you want to look at all the different sets available on eBay, just search "laptop bag skin set" or "laptop bag matching" and lots of options will come up.

Which pattern is your favorite?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#123, How to Dress Cute Even When the Weather is Too Cold to Care

I don't know about you, but in the below freezing temperatures that we keep getting here in Pittsburgh, I don't feel like getting out of bed!  Let alone wearing cute outfits.  I just want to roll out of the warmth of my bed into 12 layers of warm clothes and go.  But unfortunately, life doesn't work like that (if only I had magical powers) and I sometimes need to look "presentable" so I can't exactly be all marshmallowed up, throwing on any warm thing nearby.  So I did some "calculations" and found a formula that makes a cute and warm outfit without really needing to think about it, just like you (hopefully) automatically know that the answer to 1 + 2 = 3.

1 + 2 = 3 is the formula! You only need to pay attention to 3 main pieces of clothing.  Your top, bottoms, and shoes are the key to looking cute while being lazy and staying warm this winter.



Moleton Skinny Pant $15-24, Cowl Neck Pullover Sweater $15, and Cuffed Combat Boots $28.99, all from Wetseal.

When picking an outfit to throw on, simply pick 1 patterned or colorful piece and 2 neutrals, and you will have easily created a cute outfit!  No need to think about if things go well together because neutrals go well with everything, so no matter what color or pattern you pick, it will always go well with your 2 neutral pieces!  That's why it's so easy!  You can't go wrong!  Trying to match a pattern with a color, 2 colors, or 2 patterns, takes thought if you want them to look good together.  Who wants to spend time thinking when it's so cold that you just want to go back and hibernate in your bed?  Wearing only neutrals is fine too, but it's boring and predictable.  We all know of those people who live by the lyrics, "all black everything", you included Tabatha Coffey from Tabatha Takes Over.


Tabatha and her clothes are actually fabulous!  I love her show and follow her on twitter (@tabathacoffey), but the color scheme is super boring to me.

Being that the temperature will be in the negative digits again this week, and snowy, my 3 usual pieces are a sweater, pants (legging/jegging/skinny jean), and boots.  Use cute fashion snow boots, combat boots, riding boots, or even rain boots (anything with a thick rubber sole) to keep the look chic while preventing yourself from slipping on ice or having water seep in.

123 top

123 bottoms

123 boots

If the weather isn't very snowy or icy, nice high top sneakers or sneaker wedges are a cute alternative to boots.

123 sneakers

You can even make this simple look classy by wearing pointy toed riding boots (I think pointy toes class up any outfit).  Take it a step further by adding a skirt and tights as your bottoms.

123 classy

Layer whatever you want underneath the main 3 pieces for extra warmth, and get the same amount of chicness.  My favorites are turtlenecks, collar shirts (flannels are the warmest), fleece lined leggings, and fuzzy socks.

Try it! 1 pattern/color + 2 neutrals = 3 peace outfit :-D  Send me your 1 + 2 = 3 combos #123 @doriscclay