Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Looky a New Product: NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color

While on the hunt for Wet n Wild Balm Stains, looky what I found at Rite Aid...


NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color!  

NYC Cosmetics has new Balm Sticks of their own!  Isn't the display cute?  It was totally unexpected as I didn't know that these were coming out, but YAY! I love me some glossy sticks.  There are also new long lasting lipsticks, and they come in a lot more colors than the Wet n Wild balm stain sticks.  Although, NYC's aren't advertised as stains like Wet n Wild.

They are about $4 and I get 20% off anything at Rite Aid for a year, so I picked up 4 of them.


These were the darkest colors (besides red) and the most unique ones (compared to the 6 Wet n Wild balm stain shades).  They are 031 Gramercy Park Plum, 040 South Ferry Berry, 041 Ballroom Blush, 051 Canal St Coral (from left to right).  The other shades are various nude types of pinks and browns, and a red.

Here are swatches...



Here are all 4 shades swatched together so you can see the difference...

I haven't tried them out too much, but here I am wearing the coral shade... 


It looks the same on my lips as the arm swatch, it is the most sheer of the 4 but is still pretty.  The other 3 colors are highly pigmented, bold and bright.  My first impression is that these do move a lot on the lips.  They settle into lip lines, but it doesn't look hideous, you just need to be aware when smooshing your lips together do it in a way that smooths the gloss evenly on your lips (if that makes sense).  They definitely don't stain like the Wet n Wild balm stains, but the darker shades do stain a little.  When I swatched on my hand, all but coral were still slightly visible after 2 hand washes.  They are moisturizing, not drying.

Although I would prefer them to stain so that the color would last longer, I still love them!  I'm already giddy thinking about limited edition shades that will come out, as long as this new product will be a permanent member of the NYC brand (I think it is, I hope it is).

There are better pics of all 12 shades on NYC cosmetics' website here.

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