Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Haul: Christmas Clearance

Guess what?  I got cool stuff from the holiday clearance section!  These items came from drugstores CVS and Rite Aid and were 50% and 75% off.  Here is my Christmas clearance haul.

*Pretend the picture is rotated correctly, ugh.  Justin Bieber Girlfriend perfume set.  Even though Justin Bieber is a hot mess right now, egging people's houses and whatnot, I love his perfume! The bottle is too cute and it smells good too.  It was half off at Rite Aid, $10.

I almost left these behind because I already have some of these colors, but then I thought about it and did the math.  5 lipglosses for only $2.50 (half off), that's only 50 cents more than the regular price of one lipgloss.  Worth it!  The colors are my favs too, plus a glitter gloss.

These are tins of fancy chocolates that were 75% off.  I couldn't really care less about the chocolates, I don't like most of the fillings, but what I was after was the pretty tin boxes.  They are huge!  The size of a textbook.  I want them to store makeup in, so I got four.  They were $2.50

These items were also 75% off at Rite Aid.  Cute Christmas patterned tape and a nice big variety hair band set.  I was actually thinking of buying some hair bands, I'm lucky I didn't because this was a way better deal.

My 5 year old neice got a tablet for Christmas.  A real Android tablet!  Kids these days... I saw this and knew she could use it.  It's a pillow for your tablet!  And also a neck pillow, travels well and yata yata whatever the box says.  It will totally match her hot pink and black vanity set that she also got for Christmas (spoiled).  This was 50% off either $10 or $7.

Now these are for me.  Stompeez!  Anybody ever see that commercial?  If you have, you must watch Nickelodeon or some other kid's channel (like I do).  I always wanted some of these!  My niece already has some so now we can stomp around in our fun slippers together.  They were half off at Rite Aid, so $10.

Greatest deals ever = clearance Christmas candy!  All this was 75% off at CVS, under $2 super cheap.  And yes I do need all those bags of pretzel m&ms, they're my favorite! I had 2 more bags originally, ate them already.  Who remembers pez?


I don't know what these are other than large round stuffed animals, but they were so cute I had to take a photo!  They were also on Christmas clearance at Rite Aid (although I didn't buy them).

I also got some wrapping paper from Walgreen's for 75% off!  The most expensive ones were $1 and change, and they had Disney characters on them.  Non Disney though was under $1 a roll.  So definitely stock up on wrapping supplies now while they're on sale, and save them for next year.

Did anybody else get great deals from Christmas clearance?  What did you get?

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