Wednesday, March 26, 2014

10 Cute Everyday Earring Picks Under $20

So, I'm often rushing to get ready in the mornings and don't always have time to think much about accessorizing.  Particularly when it comes to earrings, because I have 6 holes per ear.  Finding 2 matching earrings is hard enough, but try coordinating 12 earrings!  So, usually if I'm in a rush, 10 piercings get neglected and I just look for 1 pair to wear.

Me being a lover of all things different, I have tons of earrings, but most of them are so unique that they don't match everything.  Therefore they require planning, and so are NOT quick "go to" earrings.  So I wanted to find some cute unique types of earrings that can be "go to" earrings.  Something other than your simple diamond stud, gold ball, or basic hoop earring.  For days when you want to accessorize, but don't have time to think about if  they match your outfit or the other earrings in your ear.  

La Preciosa High-polish Stainless Steel Saddleback Hoop Earrings

Cute floral type hoops, La Preciosa Stainless Steel, from Overstock, $11.89.

Blue swirl glass drop earring from Kohls, $8.  This color should go with everything because it's a neutral kind of tone, like blue jeans.

Or wear all of the colors together like with this glass cluster drop earring, $10 from Kohls.  One of the colors is bound to match whatever you are wearing that day.

Half a Nice Day Earrings - Blue, Cream, Polka Dots, Casual, Good, Blue, Exclusives

Polka Dot Gold and Black button Half A Nice Day earrings from ModCloth, $12.99

Stainless Steel Rose Gold-plated Bow Post Earrings

Super cute Rose gold over stainless steel bow post earrings from Overstock, $16.99.$GridImage$

Awesome front and back pave crystal ball earrings, $7.50 from Claires.

18k gold plated pink heart earrings, $19.99 from The Sterling Star.

Locket and Key Earrings - Solid, Gold, Vintage Inspired, Top Rated

Cool Locket and Key Stud Earrings from Modcloth, $9.99.

Flower Earrings, White Ruffle Bouquet, Rhinestone and Brass Dangle Earrings, FREE Shipping U.S.

Is this bouquet not just the cutest?  I might have to buy these myself.  They are brass earrings from the seller Just Earrings on Etsy, and are $14 with free shipping!  The good thing about buying from DIYers is that you can often email them and have them make you an item in a specific color or style of your choice (hurray for non mass production).

I think that all of these earrings will look good no matter if you are dressing up or down, wearing bright colors or neutrals.  They are all cuter than your basic earring, yet aren't "loud" or huge to the point that they'd look out of place if you were just wearing jeans and a Tee.

What earrings do you think are uniquely cute and can be worn with any outfit?  If you already have some tweet me a picture