Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Men's Cardigan and Leopard Sneaker Wedge from Forever 21, and Ailee #ootd #sotd

For this outfit of the day the main pieces are from forever 21 winter clearance (oh yes, end of season clearances)!  The burgundy fair isle cardigan sweater is from the men's section.  They actually had a lot of cute, thick, cardigans for me to choose from.  I love them because they are warm and cozy.  And girls can wear it just as good as a guy *snaps* if not better.  I was lucky that forever 21 still had these cute unique sneaker wedges in my size.  Underneath the cardi I'm wearing an old summer sleeveless collared shirt, and twill leggings which thanks to these photos I can see aren't very legging like at all.  The leggings will have to be retired and used for parts since they are clearly baggy on me.  But besides that, I think this outfit was cute, and very snuggly.

My hair was pulled back by a leopard scarf that I bought super cheap off eBay.

Now for an up close at the shoes.  These sneaker wedges are the coolest find ever!  Burgundy leopard (or cheetah) print realness!

What do you think?  Anyone else love men's cardigans as much as I do?

This outfit is making me crave some Ailee (I'm actually listening to her now).  She is a Korean American kpop singer who some call the Korean Beyonce, I personally think she's more like the Korean Christina Aguilara though.  Her song U & I is fun and sassy and goes well with this outfit, and I just noticed that her hair even matches it (it's burgundy).  Give it a listen.    

Any Ailee lovers?

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