Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Missed bus, so...OOTD!!!

Well I missed the bus this morning (due to my freshly trimming my bangs) so since I had extra time I decided to do an outfit of the day for my first day back to work after the holiday vacation!

I was actually excited because it was my first chance to wear my serious snow boots since snow actually stuck and stayed on the ground during the break.

I'm wearing Mudd Jeggings and a black, gray, and pink houndstooth sweater (both from kohls).  Gray and white stripe button up under my sweater, and pewter gray crocs moon boots.  My black necklace around the collar was inspired by UglyFaceOfBeauty because in her Holiday Party Outfits Video she kept wearing a short gold necklace under her collar in all her outfits and it looked so cute that I had to try that necklace-in-place-of-a-bowtie look myself ;-)  I just clasped it around the beads to make it into a choker length (since it wasn't long enough to wrap around my neck twice) and the extra long tail is tucked under my sweater.  The matching earrings I made myself from the beads from a second necklace I bought (I bought 2 since they were only $1 each, so that I'd have matching beads to make earrings and a bracelet if I wanted). 

Cute warm outfit, ready for snowmageddon part 2.

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