Monday, March 11, 2013

OOTD red tweedy

Red tweedy jacket with gold thread throughout for sparkle (forever 21) on top of a multi-colored dressy shirt (macy's).  Beige jeggings from and brown faux suede wedge boots with gold grommets for side lace from (I think).  Went for a business casual look.  Was my first time wearing the boots (although they're like 2 years old, smh) and boy was that a bad idea!  My walk to class had my feet burning so bad I was seriously ready to walk barefoot in 20 degree winter weather.  Note to self; don't be lazy and say no to carrying extra shoes for walking, don't ever think you can walk in heels, you can't!  you will feel like you're being stabbed with every step! you will seriously consider taking a sit down in the middle of the sidewalk to give your feet a break from torture!  They may look like a puny heel, but your feet will feel the pain!!!!!

Back to my outfit, turns out I had an unplanned twin moment with Yaminah!  It was red and tan day for us!  She's wearing a long-sleeved red scoop neck shirt, khaki pants (bootcut) and black sneakers...TWINSSSSSS!!!

Now for the bloopers...

Apparently our camera person thought it was a good idea to snap a pic while we are hideously laughing at something, NOT COOL!!!

Well Yaminah looks great, looking asleep.  Oh well, we're still TWINSSSS!!!

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