Wednesday, March 20, 2013

8 ways to wear a flannel shirt (comfy and cute)! Pt 1

JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING!!! Yes, I really took this long to post this winter look-book-type-thing, but it's OK since on this first day of spring it's only in the 30's here.

*Note*  I was going to post all of the ways I came up with to wear a flannel shirt in 1 post, but I realized there would be way too many pictures involved.  So I decided to split it up into two posts. See part 2 here.

IDK (I don't know) where I've been but I'm just realizing the fashion and warmth value of flannel shirts, particularly men's flannel shirts.  To me, they're a great sweater alternative that keeps you just as warm but can be worn many more different ways since they can open and close, and are collared like a dress shirt.

I first noticed flannels on sale in the men's section at Kmart (a few months ago) and thought, hey, these are cute plaid prints, I bet I can make these over-sized men's shirts look girly and fashionable, instead of baggy and lumberjack-y.  So I bought a bunch of men's (and boy's) flannel shirts in small and mediums (boys xl) from Kmart and JCPennys and tried.

In the next two blog posts, I'll show the different ways I thought of to wear a flannel, so that you will be warm, yet look cute!


Untucked and belted at the low waste, I scrunched up the shirt a bit so that it would look less stiff.

Plain ole untucked is cute and super comfy.

Add a scarf for interest.  I'm wearing a bulky winter scarf, but thinner scarves or pashminas would look even better.

Tie the scarf weirdly for even more unique-ness. (again, I am aware of the fact that this is a chunky knitted scarf, but I have no thin scarves that match this outfit.)

Tuck in the flannel.

Tuck in the front part only, leave the back out for a high-low effect.

Side view of the high-low flannel look.

The flannel for these looks is from either Kmart or jcpenney (I got about 10 total from both places) for about $10 each (on sale and/or using coupons).  Just checked both sites and their flannels are now on clearance (being that it's now spring).

I chose to wear my flannel with a mini skirt, but these looks would look just as good over a dress, or pants, or shorts.

The skirt is a stretchy denim type that was with the legging/jeggings at Burlington coat factory for $5.  The black winter scarf was also from Burlington and was about $10.  The black shirt underneath is long sleeved and from Macy's (forgot the price but was cheap of course).  Tights and belt were on clearance at rue21 or somewhere similar, for $5 or less (my accessories are generally $5 or less).  Black buckled combat-ish boots are from  Gold and black robot earrings were $1.50 from forever21!

Read 8 ways to wear a flannel shirt (comfy and cute)! Pt 2, for even cuter and more interesting looks!!!

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