Sunday, September 22, 2013

Styled By D: Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

I'm starting a new segment called Styled By D; where I will show how I would style people for certain occasions if I were their stylist.

Miley Cyrus is lucky enough to be the first person that will get Styled By D (WHOO!!) because she inspired me in two ways:
  1. Record breaking popularity of the music video, Wrecking Ball
  2. Wardrobe selections for the video makes her a blank canvas
Everyone has seen what Miley is wearing in the video for Wrecking Ball right?  It broke the record for most views on YouTube within 24 hours according to this E! Online News article and is currently at 142,072,000  YouTube views, so chances are you have. But in case you haven't seen the video (or want to hear it again) here it is:

The video is full of Miley Cyrus' tears, red lipstick, rocks, sledgehammer licking, and a wrecking ball swing.  Miley's wardrobe consists of combat boots, a cropped white tank, white panties, and her birthday suit (that birthday suit is one of a kind though).

I don't hate the styling decisions, I especially like the strategically placed arms that she wears (yes I consider it a wardrobe function) while swinging as freely as she wants to on that ball, yet they still cover her naughty bits just enough.

But if I were to style her, she could keep her current pieces, I'd just add a few more things for her to wear.

Wrecking Ball seems to be about Miley falling in love with someone so hard that he ends up hurting her.  I don't think nudity portrays this as much as my selections would.

Farrah Cotton Jersey Muscle Back Vest US$6.00

Flying Tomato Taupe Lace Sheer Skirt $46.95

From GallimaufryClothing on Etsy $68.00

                        Buckle Zipper Military Boot - $49.20

Wild Diva Lounge Bossa Boot - $41.50

Her 1st look would be the tank (cut for the cropped look) with one of those two skirts (but pure white versions, to represent the innocent vulnerability yada yada that people keep talking about).  It would look really cute on Miley, especially when she's laying down.  I imagine the flowy skirt pieces spread out amongst the boulders, and fluttering through the air as she swings on the wrecking ball.  I couldn't pick between the two boots because they're both super cute, but yeah, one of those.

Made into:



J Brand The Brix Cargo Zip Skinny in Black (coated stealth) - Lyst

Black The Brix Cargo Zip Skinny - $207

Would be the 2nd look, a girly construction worker-esque look for the sledgehammer scenes.  The red shirt made into that cute crop wrap top would look great on Miley with skinny black cargo pants and the boots.  Red and black seem fitting for the pain and sadness involved in being hurt by the sledgehammer that she was deeply in love with before it ruined her (I'm awesome at interpretations, jk).
  • The tank is from Boohoo, the store has this 20% off coupon USA20.
  • The boots are from UrbanOg, there's coupon code LKYOCT13 for 20% off your purchase.
  • The plaid shirt is from Delias, which has 65RMNDW for $20 off $65+
Although, adding these extra pieces of clothing probably wouldn't have helped this video break the most views record, so my alternate record breaking styling would be:

Miley wearing only her one of a kind limited edition birthday suit with body art drawings of sledge hammers strategically drawn on her naked body, and I'd have her do cartwheels and somersaults all over the rocks for an air of wrecklessness.

Since Miley is breaking down cement walls with her beloved sledgehammer I thought of a fitting accessory for her look.  For saftey's sake, protective eye wear would be a cute incorporation imo.  What do you think about my look for Miley?  How would you have dressed her?

That's Styled By D (WHOO!!) Please comment me people you think I should style next, famous or unfamous, and I'll pick some to style for upcoming posts :o)

*Disclaimer: the pictures and video aren't mine, and they are all like to their appropriate websites.