Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Indian Summer OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

Since it's getting up near 70 degrees on this day in December, I thought I may be able to wear a summer dress outfit without tons of layer and not be too cold.  I wore my forever 21 orange tank dress with my brown tweed pinstripey 3/4 length jacket.  The orange dress brings out the orange tones in the jacket nicely. Not to be too exposed and since it is supposed to rain, I wore sweater knit beige thigh high socks (dots) with brown combat boots (go jane).

Close up on the accessories of the day:

Gold heart stud, love earring, gold flower scrunchie, and 1 extra long chin (sheesh)

gold heart stud, love earring

gold flower scruchie

Coincidentally, all of my accessories came from eBay!!!!  The gold flower scrunchie has glitter and matching feathers, it also has a pin attached so you can wear it as a broach if you want.  I got like 6 different colors during the summer, they cost no more than $3 (shipped) a piece.  The tiny heart studs are real gold, got them a few years ago.  My most recent purchase is the love earring, they arrived yesterday in the mail.  They are a stud with the love in back (put the heart stud through your ear first then the love plate then regular earring back).  These love earrings are super cute and unique, and wait for it...only $1!!!!!!!!!!  How they were described on ebay is that you get 1 piece for $1, so I bought 2 because I have to ears, and I can afford to spend $2 instead of $1 on cute earrings, but when they arrived, I had two sets of 2 earrings (which makes sense but that's not how it seemed in the description) so pleasant discovery for me!  Oh and my ring (sorry no close up, only in the full outfit photos) is actually from eBay also (I'm sensing a pattern), it's an oversized marbley marquise ring in shades brown and white and black.  Was under $5, got a few different colors and shapes of these marbley type rings also.

Hooray for this nice indian summer day!!!

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