Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merry Black Friday/Cyber Week to me: my haul

Well since a whole 1.5 person was interested in what was in these boxes that were delivered to me yesterday,

I decided to do a haul post of my black Friday/cyber week purchases 8-D

First store I purchased from was my favorite, ModCloth!!!!!  They had this awes-tacular sale of 50% off their new items which is crazy weird to me since usually people put clearance on an extra discount, not the new items, but I'm not complaining!  I got these two lovely dresses made with a thick cotton material, one's orange plaid, one's brown with white horsies on it! 

 I call these desperate housewive's dresses or suzie homemaker dresses.   I'm not like that at all but they are my favorite type of dresses, and half off they were only $30 a piece.  Both came with that cute thin brown belt that has a couple gold charms on the buckle.

I also got these two cute dresses.  They were both under $20.

The red, blue, gray, and black stripey right angle one is high low, slightly longer hem in back than in the front.  The blue and pink floral dress has a ruffle trim along the bust line (see pic below).

I got these two blouses because I need more blousey shirts with sleeves.  These were also both under $20. 

 The yellow one has navy and white apples on it, it's 3/4 sleeve and the collar ties like a scarf.  The other one is peplum!  I love peplum!  A short sleeve peplum top that is denim blue with silver sparkly thread (i guess) mixed in the fabric.  The back completely unzips.

 While taking the picture of the two blouses I noticed that they would probably look cute layered together, so I tried it (pic below) and they did! Bonus! The shirts look cute separate and layered together, yay!  The peplum shirt acts as vest for the yellow shirt, and has the perfect level of scoop neck to display the yellow shirt's tie neck.  I love unexpected cuteness!

 I also 2 pairs of shoes from ModCloth.  Green suede flats that remind me of Christmas, and kooky cute kitty cat pumps.  The flats (under $20) are evergreen colored with a gold scrunchy bow detail in front.  The cat pumps (under $30) have a black cat face at the toe, and the rest of the shoe is tan with white dots.

 Next I got stuff from Shoe Dazzle, who also had a hot sale of up to 60% off!  So I got the 6 flats below.  You'll notice they all have some type of metallic detailing (super cute).  The purple flats on the left have a black studded t-strap, the red and black flats have gold plates on the toe, the yellow has gold spikes at the toe, the gold loafers have gold studs all over, and the denim loafers have grayish black studs all over.  They were all 60% off, so $16 each.

I also got 5 sets of the cute closet organizers (which is why I had 3 shoe dazzle boxes) shown in my previous post, Black friday/Cyber monday. I'll make a post of those again when I have organized them in my closet (which I should be able to do during Christmas break).

 Last, I thought I'd throw in the boots I got from Delias' sale, I got 40% off these boots.  I talked more about the sale in my previous post,  Fall boot HAUL!!! They have arrived!  Black with gray/silver toe, silver canvas with cargo pocket, and pink glitter combat boots.  And a mauve mini wedge, with mauve glitter on the wedge.  The boots were all in the $30s and the mini wedges were under $20.

I also got some shoes from Asos, who had an extra 30% off sale for cyber week, but I'm not going to show you those yet, they will be apart of my upcoming blog post on my new favorite thing...flatforms!  So check back for that!

So yea, that's my black friday/cyber week haul post.  Let me know what yall (yinz) think :-)

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