Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall boot HAUL!!!

Bought some boots from Delias for the fall/winter.  I'm more into combat type boots now after having so many problems with regular super flat boots.  The heel of the actual shoe (not the sole) somehow always get scrapped up even though I know I don't walk on that part of my heel.  So although they're always cheap, I have started to avoid them unless I want a specific color like these

Product Image

that I got from amiclubwear (i think) for twenty something dollars plus and extra off coupon.  I haven't seen these on the site lately but they do have a 45% off coupon code pinkfri45

Actually though, those fushia boots that I got have a pretty stable looking rubber heel so I might have lucked out, I haven't wore them yet so I guess I'll soon find out.  But the bad soles are the ones like these

from another of my favorite stores urbanog, they're $30.20 and urbanog has a 20% off the store code gl2012 in addition!  They seem to have a slightly raised heel in back but you still end up with scratched up heels!  But I'd buy these anyways simply for the color or the cute thigh highness that can scrunch down to below the knees.  I actually have these in black and in tan.

But yea I want to up my combat type boot collection or just boots with a chunky soles now.  They are more expensive than thin flat soled boots but they will last longer, and be more stable in the rain/snow.  So Delias had a 20% off code, or spend $100 get 25% off or spend $150 get 30% off your total, sale a month ago and I got:

  • Big Buddha Amber Boot in leopard-
  • Cora Boot in brown & chestnut-
Cora Boot in chestnut & brown

Big Buddha Amber Boot in leopard

Actually they currently have an even better sale and I check and all of the shoes are still available.  The code BESTIES at Delias now is 20% off, or spend $100 get 30% off or spend $150 get 40% off your total!  I'm tempted to buy a few more boots that are currently $60 (out of my price range) but will be only $36 at 40% off.

In the time it took for me to finish this blog post, I got:

  • Roxy Ponderosa Boot in silver-
  • Farrah Boot in pink-
  • Report Chandler Boot in black-
And with these new purchases, plus the ones I got last year, my combat boot collection is looking pretty nice :-)

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