Sunday, November 4, 2012

Introducing myself, first blog ever!

Yay pose! Wearing houndstooth vest over royal blue knit dress (probably from burlington coat factory), black tights, black patent leather pointy oxfords (from Aldo).
Hola!  This has been a long time coming seeing as fashion and crafty things are my fav things.  I'm a full time Biological Researcher who is also a huge fashiony typa person.  Many friends have been telling me to start a fashion blog to show my creativity to a wider audience than the EM lab that I work in.  Oh and I'm currently going to graduate school part time to get a Master's in Business Administration.  My dream career would be to be a Stylist for a Magazine (love love love People Stylewatch) or Modstylist (at Modcloth) which would be super convenient since I live in Pittsburgh!  Other than fashions and crafts (knitting and crocheting are my current crafts of choice) I LOVE animals!  OK that's all for my first blog post. YAY!

P.S. I'm a huge bargain shopper, most if not all of my clothes are under $20, often under $10, shoes are usually under $40, most under $30. Does that make me an Afordabilinista? Ttyl

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