Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote for me! My Election outfits

Election Eve

So I bought these 2 t shirts a while ago on https://store.barackobama.com/sale.html for $20-30 each minus a 25% discount (they seem to be sold out now) and wanted to try something other than just wearing them with jeans or sweatpants (which is what I usually think to do with t shirts).

For election day eve:    I wore the black and white Obama shirt.  Underneath that I wore a black and white striped 3/4 sleeve stretch button up, I chose this shirt to 1. dress up the top, 2. because the colors matched and are neutral, and 3.  because it is cold so I wanted warmth.  I got this top from burlington coat factory x years ago on clearance.  I tucked the shirts into a sheer burgundy maxi skirt that cost under $10 on ebay (I'll make a post about it soon).  I added a thick elastic black belt that was $3 on clearance at rue 21 (wore on my low waist) and flat gray ankle boots that have a basket weave side strap from my lady boutique $5 clearance.

Super different outfit, I put these pieces together because I've been seeing some people in magazines and ads wearing skirts with baggy and not dressy shirts and sweaters and thought I should make my version of the look.  I often like to wear a loose fitted item with a tighter fitted item.  So since the t shirt is fairly loose fitted as well as the skirt being loose and flowy, I wanted to tuck in the t shirt in and belt it

Election day:     I wore an over sized white t shirt with blue Obama text on the bottom half only.  This inspired me to search for a cropped blue blazer to 1. make the tee look more professional but fall short so that the text would still show at the bottom, and 2. cinch in my waste for a fitted look that the t shirt did not possess alone. I found exactly what I was looking for (3/4 length sleeves) on clearance at forever 21 online, $13! I wore gray skinny jeans with lighter gray hearts on them from kohls which were $27 on sale plus 30% off, they're actually still available here https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1143120/so-heart-skinny-jeans.jsp I chose skinny jeans because again, I like to pair baggy with fitted, so the t shirt is very loose therefore I want to wear fitted bottoms, and I think that a neutral colored bottom is good since the tops are pretty colorful, but the hearts on the pants make the neutral more interesting than a solid calm color, yet still manages to be pretty calm being two similar shades of gray with minimal contrast (as apposed to drastic contrast of black and white or purple and yellow)From Lulus I wore red multi colored loafer flats, $19 and still here http://www.lulus.com/products/yoki-chester-fuchsia-multi-smoking-slipper-flats/47427.html and red jewelry to go full on patriotic.  You can't really tell in the pic but I also have on 3 elastic headbands in what colors but red white and blue, from family dollar ($1 for like a 5 piece set of headbands =D). 

U.S.A. U.S.A. (are the cheers I'm hearing in my head as I wear this outfit hahaha).

*A similar look could be put together with Romney t shirts also, or any other type of t shirt you may have.

These looks sort of pair lazy casual with business casual.  Let me know your thoughts about my election time outfits! :-)

As you can tell,
clearance + coupons = my kinda fashion

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