Friday, November 16, 2012

President has been Decided

Before I discuss the outfit, let me explain my poses.  I was jamming to Taylor Swift - Mean, so I was caught dancing in some of the pictures.

Layers was a huge component of this outfit.  The star of the outfit was my Peace, Love, Obama t shirt, I got it after the last election in 2008 from Rue21 $10.  So I had to put an outfit together around this shirt, while the election news was still a hot topic.

As I said in my previous post, I've been trying to create ways to wear a t shirt other than with sweat pants or jeans.  The day before wearing this outfit I stopped into Rue21 and one of the items that I found was a cute, strapless, fitted, corset type dress for $6!  It just so happened to go well with the t shirt, color-wise, because they're both pastel colors.  The pink in the tee goes with the multi shades of pink in the dress  (only the skirt part shows because of the layering).  So I knew that I had to try wearing this outfit with shirts layered on top of this dress.  For warmth I wore a long sleeved thermal shirt in a dark teal green color that complimented both the tee and the skirt (rainbow $3 clearance).  I added purple-magenta colored tights that matched some of the colors in the dress, and flat beige ankle boots with side straps (actually also a Rue21 purchase from about 1 year ago).  My pink ribbon and pearls bracelets (3 stacked) were from Kohls, in support of breast cancer awareness.

All in all, this was a fun outfit that showed support from our newly reelected president.

Peace, Love, Obama!

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